Thursday, September 23, 2010


Dear Veterans of SOG

Having had the privilege to be invited by John S. Meyer to attend your SOA reunion in Vegas last week and to meet some of you, I wish to thank each one of you for what you did during your days in 'Nam. You may wonder why an Italian like me feels the need to thank you. It's simply said.

In my life I have learned that there is a thin line which links all things and all people in the world, even those who never met. I have had a very good life but I won't forget that somewhere along that line there were days when I was enjoying my life and could sleep in my bed while you, young men who were the same age as I, were fighting and dying. Because of that I have a debt of gratitude with each one of you.

In December 2009 I flew to Vienthiane in Laos. After obtaining in advance the necessary authorization from the Laotian Department of Defense I hired a helicopter and  flew over that jungle were many of your comrades were killed or disappeared.  I did that to honor them and to thank them. As I threw a MIA/POW bracelet out of the helicopter down into the jungle, I prayed and I am not embarrassed to say that I cried.

Those like you who made it home are not less heroes, you were only luckier. For this, please accept my words of gratitude. Back in those days, I did not know of SOG's  existence of course, but I woke up one night and thought off all those American young men, who were fighting in 'Nam at that very moment while I was feeling safe in my bed. That night I promised myself that I would remember them for the rest of my life and I do. For this, while I remember them all, I'm writing to you who are among the bravest.

Thank you: in the sunset of our days may your dreams become true, my friends


Nick Di Benedetto

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